Actions of Immediate Witness
Editor Albany UU | Aug 06, 2020
Message from the President
-Patti Jo Newell
At the service in July in which we heard from those who attended the virtual General Assembly, I asserted that anti-racism work is the moral call of our time. I firmly believe this. As our congregation has prioritized inclusivity, social justice and community in our ministry together, the time is ripe to expand our thinking and activism on these human rights issues. Many in our congregation have already sought new ways to bear witness to our commitment to anti-racism and joined various events around the region in response to uprisings occurring around the globe.
Importantly, we also have an opportunity to join other UU congregations in response to the Actions of Immediate Witness (AIW) approved at General Assembly. AIWs are non-binding social justice statements (at least a two thirds vote by delegates is required to pass) that become the sentiment of the denomination, representing an invitation to individual congregations to discern among the goals detailed in the AIW and work toward those goals accordingly.
The Board of Trustees has charged the Social Responsibilities Council to engage the congregation in discussion and discernment of the 2020 Actions of Immediate Witness, and, based on that engagement, to make a recommendation to the Board regarding a course of action for Albany UU.
There are two AIWS for us to consider:
Amen to Uprising: A Commitment & Call to Action
Description: This AIW is a call to action for Unitarian Universalists to engage in the larger movement to end anti-Blackness and defund the police. This current global political moment is presenting us with unique and urgent possibility. With specific attention to our Universalist theology, we imagine the possibility of a world free from policing. This AIW affirms our renewed commitment to creating authentic justice rather than relying on state violence.
For the whole text:
Address 400 Years of White Supremacist Colonialism
Description: This AIW describes the reasons why Unitarian Universalists must remember and address the European invasion of this continent, the genocide of the original peoples and the ongoing destruction of our earth. It offers priority actions which Unitarian Universalists can take in solidarity with Indigenous-led movements and struggles.
For the whole text:
Please look for information about ways to participate and make the commitment to do so. We want to hear from the whole community. I look forward to a lively discussion and to Albany UU taking a strong position on racial justice.