Author: Leah

Religious Exploration – Embodying Sankofa

Leah | Oct 30, 2018

In our Family Chapel this month we’ll learn about the African “Sankofa” (san-KOH-fah) symbol.  It is a goose with its feet planted forward and ...

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What Does It Mean to Be a People of Sanctuary?

Leah | Oct 01, 2018

Religious Exploration - What Does It Mean To Be A People of Sanctuary? From the Soul Matters Program- Just saying the word “sanctuary” brings one...

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Religious Exploration; What Does it Mean to be a People of Vision?

Leah | Sep 06, 2018

From the Soul Matters program: “There’s one quote we all need to remember this month. The author is unknown, but they’ve given us a great gift....

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Developments in Religious Exploration: Three ways for us to do great things together

Leah | Aug 02, 2018

“You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things.” Mother Teresa You may have already read that, at my...

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Traveling Home: All the Stories

Leah | Jul 05, 2018

“I know you don’t want this” my mom said, showing me a familiar set of framed photos to me. They were of my grandfather, as a young child, circa...

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