Author: Sam Trumbore

Stop State Sanctioned and Vigilante Violence

Sam Trumbore | Aug 29, 2020

Another Black man’s life has been compromised by state violence.  A Kenosha police officer put seven bullets in his back.  He was shot at close ...

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Earning Trust

Sam Trumbore | Feb 27, 2019

Trust was the theme for the month of February. The Meaning Matters groups use a packet of materials to go deeper with the monthly theme. In it, was a ...

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Intersectionality, Trust, Community

Sam Trumbore | Feb 03, 2019

... Being both Black and a woman isn’t just having two different sources of bias and prejudice that work against you. The two intersect in a way tha...

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New Year Resolutions

Sam Trumbore | Dec 29, 2018

Here are some great New Year's resolutions from Albany (and vicinity) neighborhood activist Paul Tick: New Year's Resolutions--Paul Tick's Top Ten Pi...

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Mystery: Of the Light (of Chanukah)

Sam Trumbore | Dec 02, 2018

Inconsistent stories and instructions are troublesome in Judaism that is steeped in thousands of years of tradition.  If Unitarian Universalism lasts...

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