Escape to Egypt
Sam Trumbore | Dec 25, 2016

This feels like a very bleak midwinter doesn’t it? Ever since November 8th, a number of us here tonight have been feeling unhappy, depressed, frightened, anxious, and even terrified. Each cabinet selection continues to confirm we are seeing a 180 degree turn around in the direction of government. There is no getting around it; this has not been a joyful holiday season for liberals and progressives who commonly populated Unitarian Universalist congregations. The election of the one who shall not be named tonight, has many here feeling pretty hopeless.

We are so done with 2016 … yet not wanting 2017 to start either. This evening, we’d really prefer to just escape the clock, escape the troubles we anticipate and check in sometime later.

If we think we’ve got problems, let’s remember that the Jews had problems too as Joseph and Mary journeyed to Bethlehem to be counted. The reason to have a census was to assess taxes – the more people, the more taxes to be paid. So traveling to get counted was no picnic, and it didn’t mean good things would come it.  [cont …]