Expanding Our Welcome
Sam Trumbore | Oct 13, 2017

We welcome everyone. That is how our mission statement starts. You’ll find it at the top on the back of your order of service. The declaration implicitly invites the question, “will you harbor me?”

I know some think mission statements don’t matter much and aren’t concerned if they just collect dust on the shelf. That is not true for me. I take the words of our mission very seriously. It is the mission of our congregation and the Principles and Purposes of Unitarian Universalism that guide what I do as I serve as your minister on a day to day basis.

Welcoming everyone is a high aspiration that stretches all of us. The wider the diversity of people coming through our doors, the more challenging that welcome can be, and the more intentional we must be, to make it real and authentic. This is good and meaningful work for us to do … but it isn’t easy. And in the process of doing it, we will be changed.

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