From our Board
Editor Albany UU | Jun 12, 2019

Strategic Plan Accomplishments


At our last Board meeting we came up with a list of tasks, committees, events, etc that the congregation has accomplished or started since adopting the Strategic Plan.  As a new member of the congregation I was quite impressed with this.  Many of the activities were intentional and line up with the goals of the Strategic Plan.


Following is the list of events, committees, etc.


Congregational Covenant Team

Inclusivity Team

Adoption of Sheridan Preparatory Academy as our neighborhood public school and fundraising and organizing to build Sheridan Prep playground

Growth Through Service

Wellspring and Meaning Matters

Governance Task Force

Community and Connection Committee(no longer in existence but a couple of years were spent reaching out

Friday Night Multi-generational Potlucks

Pastoral Care Associates

Increased connection to local UU churches through Hudson Mohawk UUs (HMUU)

Participation in, and fundraising for a new congregation in Clifton Park (ultimately unsuccessful)

Green Sanctuary Committee

Monthly Free Breakfast for our neighbors

Team rehabbing houses in our neighborhood and around Sheridan Prep

UU Young Adult Group

Supporting Urban Grief, SNUG, SURU

Declaring ourselves a sanctuary congregation and signing a formal agreement with three other churches to provide sanctuary to those in need

Lobbying to repeal the Rockefeller Drug Laws and, most recently, to pass the Aid in Dying Act

Involvement of our youth in Youth Service Opportunities Project

Adult education offerings in the areas of theology and philosophy

Thandeka’s year of consulting resulting in more joint planning of, and emotional shaping of, services

The presence of a long-time minister providing continuity and stability


I was not familiar with the Strategic Plan. How would I know about something done ten years ago had I not been directed to it?

I am proud to be a member of this congregation and Board.  The list of accomplishments that were intentional and directly associated to the Strategic Plan is quite amazing.


Nancy Shay