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Editor Albany UU | Sep 12, 2019

What I Learned While I Was on Sabbatical – Another Way of Doing Sunday Morning

I’m hearing some buzz from my presentation in the service Aug 4th on what I learned on my sabbatical. Of particular interest was how the UU congregation in Marietta, GA (outside Atlanta) does their Sunday mornings. There, they have a “Two Hour Model” with the worship service and “RE for All” separate every Sunday morning. It does make for a long morning – if you go to both – but they have choices built in to make it accessible to all (like childcare for young children after the story). I held a discussion after the service on Aug 4, and both parents and adults without children at home were excited about the possibilities this model would create – RE guides would have the opportunity to go to the service every week; in the RE for All time, children and youth could partner with adults on projects.
What do you think about the Two-Hour Model? Maybe we’ll give it a try here.