Resources - Adults

It’s never too late to cultivate the disciplines of spirituality, Humanist ethics and social awareness. Albany Unitarian Universalist is here to help you expand your horizons.

Resources for Adults

Rev. Trumbore, Leah Purcell, Director of Religious Education and Family Ministry and members of our congregation regularly offer workshops, classes and ongoing discussion groups which support the growth and development of members and friends of the congregation. 

Sunday Mindfulness Meditation – At 9:00 a.m. in the old Sanctuary, Rev. Trumbore offers a ten-minute reading, gives instruction and leads twenty minutes of silent meditation. He then facilitates ten minutes of discussion and leads a five-minute loving-kindness, or metta, meditation, which closes by 9:45 a.m.

Weekend Mindfulness Workshops – On given Friday nights, Saturday mornings and early afternoons throughout the year, Rev. Trumbore gives workshop participants instruction in traditional Buddhist mindfulness practice, as well as an opportunity to apply them. All are welcome from first-timers to experts.

Nonviolent Communication Classes – Inspired by the work of Marshall Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication is an approach to communication between individuals. The focus is to help us connect to our individual feelings as well as universal human needs, leading to effective and peaceful resolution of conflict.

White Privilege Study Groups – Understanding white privilege is crucial to the work of dismantling institutional racism at all levels of society. Through reading books and watching video presentations, participants learn about white privilege, how to recognize it both in ourselves and in others, as well as how to interrupt its presence.

Albany UU Humanists – This ongoing discussion group periodically meets on the third Tuesday of the month. All are welcome, particularly those with interest in agnosticism, atheism, religious humanism, spiritual humanism, secular humanism or you name yours. Discussions are free-flowing with possible topics being considered before or at the beginning of meetings. Please contact the church office or Don Odell (518.482.4574, for information or to be added to the Albany UU Humanists eGroup list.


Seeking Truth and Deeper Meaning in Small Groups
Participating in our Sunday morning service is a great way to feel connected, experience a sense of uplift and joy, affirm core values, and be stimulated toward growth and development. Another way our congregation provides that experience is in a small group setting.

The primary ways we currently do that are as follows:

Meaning Matters – Coordinated by Rev. Trumbore, Meaning Matters is a program that meets once a month, and focuses on sharing personal experiences, questions and insights. Each month, participants receive a small packet connected with the Sunday services’ theme for the month. The groups use this monthly packet of material, which includes links to articles, videos, books and movies based around the month’s theme, in order to prepare for the meeting. The meetings are then directed toward exploring the theme as a source for seeking truth and deeper meaning. 

Wellspring – This program requires a 10-month commitment (September – June). Participants meet twice a month, and go through a specific curriculum designed to promote personal growth and development. There will be specific (usually short) reading requirements before meetings. Participants must also agree to develop a daily spiritual practice and work monthly with a spiritual adviser. 

These group opportunities are open to members, and friends of members. 

To sign up for any of these groups: contact the office by emailing or call 463-7135. Rev. Trumbore can be reached at 366-4532 or

Social Responsibility

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