The GSC is hoping that all Albany UU members and friends will take actions in April and beyond to save the earth. During the month we will be providing suggestions that you can take to decrease your personal impact as well as support government actions to address climate change at the state and national level. 


The Climate and Community Investment Act has been introduced to the state senate! This is a huge deal. No state has ever passed a bill like it. The CCIA will make polluters pay, create good, green jobs, and invest in communities most impacted by the climate crisis. It will reduce hazardous pollution and improve the health of our communities, and be an important step in creating a more sustainable present and future for our state. Now, we have to fight hard to get it passed. We have less than three months left in the legislative session to turn this bill into law. Can you make a phone call to your state senators to co-sponsor the CCIA?   Bold action like this comes around once in a generation.


Choose the actions you want to support by going to

Urge your representatives and senators to support the Break Free From Plastics Pollution Act. This is Senate bill # 984 and House bill HR2238. We need to thank Senator Merkley for sponsoring the bill and Gillibrand for supporting the bill and ask Schumer and Tonko to support it. You can thank Merkley and Gillibrand and ask Schumer and Tonko to support through their websites.


PERSONAL ACTION (more to come)

Register to watch Kiss the Earth between April 10 and April 26 at:

This film will be discussed at a forum on April 21 at 2:00.  You can register for the forum when you register to watch the film.