All Aboard the Leadership Train!

September 22, 2019 | 11:45 AM

Are you in a Leadership position at Albany UU? Are you interested in leadership? Join Tammy Hathaway and Dick Dana for a New Leader Orientation on Sunday, Sept. 22 at 11:45 in Room B-8. Yes, there will be food!
All new leaders are encouraged to attend, along with anyone else interested in (1) an overview of Albany UU and how it is organized; (2) how staff and volunteers work together, and (3) many useful handouts. Rest assured, the orientation will last only 45 minutes, though Tammy and Dick will stick around until all questions are answered. If you need child care, call the office ahead of time and let them know. Talk with Tammy (518-463-7135) or Dick (518-813-2992) if you have any questions