Developing Coping Strategies with Tara Brach

May 5, 2020 | 6:30 PM

Tara Brach is a widely respected mindfulness meditation teacher and psychologist who works out of the Washington DC metro area. She has developed a mindfulness tool called RAIN that is very effective to help people who are experiencing emotional distress deescalate out of emotional reactivity and into a coping/adaptive/responsive headspace.  She describes it in detail in her 2019 book titled, “Radical Compassion.”  The class will work with videos of Tara explaining RAIN and guided meditations by her as well as content from her book.


RAIN is an excellent tool to help us with the stresses of dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 – many of them unpleasant, hurtful, even traumatizing. The RAIN method has worked with hundreds of thousands of people and may be useful for members of our congregation as well.


Use this link to join:

Meeting ID: 518-366-4532

Password: 4051842