Easter Celebration

April 4, 2021 | 10:00 AM

We’ll be having a joint Easter celebration with the UU Congregation of Saratoga Springs. A theme that we’ll have as a focus are eggs and the process of decorating them to celebrate the coming of spring. We’ll also have a “signs of spring” slide show too so be out looking for those signs. (See below for how to submit your photos for the slideshow.)
Music provided by special guests: Mark Abendroth, trumpet; Saratoga UU Musicians TBD; Elena Karpoff
This Sunday only – use this link to join:
We have made a Signs of Spring padlet to collect photos for the slideshow. In padlet you can see everyone’s post.
To add your photo to our Signs of Spring padlet
  1. First, click this link: https://padlet.com/dre27/gvmwhiveywffs8bm
  2. Next, click or tap the big pink (+) button at the bottom of the padlet
  3. OR you can drag and drop a photo you have downloaded from the bottom of your screen onto the padlet.
The padlet is super simple but if you prefer, you can send your photo for the Easter service slide show to Church Administer, Tammy Hathaway (admin@albanyuu.org).