Green Sanctuary Forum: Your Vote Could be Changed!

July 6, 2020 | 7:00 PM

Find out how and what you can do about it – An Election Security Forum

Across the country voting machine vendors are recommending and selling voting machines that are not secure, and not reliable. Find out what you can do to ensure that your county or town doesn’t buy these risky systems. Make sure your vote counts for the candidates and issues of your choice – and is not miscounted by computer error or stolen by a hacker to support other candidates.

Lulu Friesdat is a journalist and documentary filmmaker whose election security investigations have received over 4 million views and been featured in Politico, The Hill, Now This,,
the Young Turks, The Christian Science Monitor, Salon and TruthOut. Over the course of a more than ten-year career in network news, she has had assignments with NBC, CBS, Nightline, and contributed to Emmy award- winning programming at ABC. Her first documentary “Holler Back – [not] Voting in an American Town” was featured in The Hollywood Reporter as part of a group of “thoughtful and provocative” films being made by women. She is a Co-Founder of SMART Elections. Follow her on twitter @LuluFriesdat.

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