Homecoming Sunday – Come Home to Where You Belong

September 11, 2022 | 10:00 AM

Homecoming Sunday – Come Home to Where You Belong

Our fall season opens the Sunday after Labor Day, September 11 with our “Homecoming Service.” It is a special multi-generational service that includes a photomontage of summer events, travel and social gatherings. If you would like to contribute a picture, send it to office@albanyuu.org. (Deadline for photos Tuesday, Sept 6)

We also gather water too. The water source can be from your home, back yard or from your summer travels and adventures. We will gather small splashes of that water in a common bowl during the service. Each contribution can be identified with a sentence about why that water is meaningful to you.

The water gathering this year will be in person only – no contributions gathered the day before on video as we’ve done in the past. People on Zoom can show your water to us and share why that water is meaningful to you.

We will also remember September 11, 2001, our losses that day and continuing grief since, in the service after Joys and Sorrows.

Whether you are in person or participate virtually, let us have a joyous service to begin our fall season together in love.

Plan on lunch after the service! Everyone is invited to a light lunch in Channing hall right after the service. Masks are optional. Please bring a “finger food” to share if you’re willing and able!! Drop food items off in the kitchen before service.