Short Family Chapel 

April 26, 2020 | 10:00 AM

This is a time for children, youth, parents/caretakers and RE volunteers to gather for 10 -15 minutes while the first part of the Sunday service is happening.  It will be a chance for us to see each other and check in. We’ll also have a chalice lighting and a meditation. The Zoom Family Chapel will be a separate Zoom meeting from the regular service. We’ll start at 10:05 and finish around 10:20. At that time you can join the Zoom meeting for the service or just move on with your day.  If you join the service, you’ll be in time for joys and sorrows and the meditation. Then Leah will tell the story; then you’ll hear from members of the Green Sanctuary Committee. You might want to settle your children in with some quiet activity nearby if you want to hear from the Green Sanctuary Committee. 

Check your email for the zoom information or email Leah Purcell at