World Café: Visioning for our Future

January 12, 2020 | 11:45 AM

World Café: Visioning for our Future
Sunday, January 12, 11:45 – 1:45
The Board of Trustees is hosting a World Café to facilitate a dialogue among the congregation on creating a vision for our future, and you’re invited and encouraged to attend. As we’ve highlighted at different junctures, the Board’s foundational role under the new governance model is to discern the congregation’s mission and vision. Also as previously highlighted, your participation in that discernment is essential, and the Board is committed to exploring ways to get feedback and input from the congregation on an ongoing basis. The first of these is the World Café we’re hosting in January.
The World Café methodology is a simple and flexible format for hosting large group dialogue, based on seven design principles:
1.     Set the Context
2.     Create Hospitable Space
3.     Explore Questions that Matter
4.     Encourage Everyone’s Contribution
5.     Connect Diverse Perspective
6.     Listen Together for Patterns and Insights
7.     Share Collective Discoveries
Small groups of participants will engage in rounds of conversations centered on specific questions. At the end of the first round, each participant moves to a different table to engage in another question. After a couple more repetitions, we will participate in a full group session to share insights and synthesize results.
Please join us for this exciting opportunity to engage in an energetic and focused dialogue with the congregation. The fuller the participation, the better. We look forward to seeing you there!