Become a Member

Considering becoming a member? At Albany UU, we always welcome new members who are looking for opportunities for personal growth and development, as well as ways to serve. We invite you to join our warm and loving community.

Become a Member

Our Albany UU community welcomes you

Everything you see and experience at Albany UU, meaningful services, lifespan learning, religious education for youth that inspires and challenges, social action to transform local communities and the world, is built on a foundation created and supported by our congregants.

As a member, it is each person’s responsibility to carry forward this legacy by being present, participating, and pledging.

Being Present: taking an active part in the life of the Albany UU community.

Participating: sharing your time and skills through volunteer opportunities.

Pledging: giving monetary support for the work of the congregation at a level that makes you feel good.

A member does all of this and more. Membership implies your commitment to make this religious community all it can be: a gift to yourself, your fellow congregants today, and those to come.

The path to membership

As our community nourishes and enriches your life, we hope you consider becoming a member of Albany UU.

We invite you to learn more about the congregation and your role as a member by following these steps:

Sign an Intent to Join form to let us know you are interested!

Attend a newcomer orientation

Getting to Know UU is held on Saturday mornings, about four times a year. This is required of all new to Unitarian Universalism, and is suggested for UUs from elsewhere.

Meet the minister

Enjoy some time with Rev. Sam Trumbore. He would love to hear more about your journey in life so far, and how you see your connection with this congregation as being part of your explorations.

Plan on participating

You already have skills; find out in what roles Albany UU needs you. Read our section on Getting Involved to learn about how to become engaged in our community.

Make your first pledge

Read our section on Giving and learn how a small donation from someone with limited income or with significant financial obligations can be more generous than a large donation from someone who is financially well-off. Meet with someone from the Stewardship Committee and make your first pledge.

Sign the membership book

When you have completed the above steps, the Welcome Team leader will set up a date with you to sign the book. The signing will be done privately in the minister’s office. You will receive a packet of useful information for members, and we’ll take your photograph. You’ll be asked to write a short bio also, for the purpose of introducing you to the congregation.

Meet the congregation!

New members are officially welcomed into the congregation during the Sunday service three or four times a year. New members, their children and any invited family will have reserved seats in the front. Your children are welcome to accompany you on the stage for the ceremony.

During the ceremony, the congregation president will introduce you and read your bios. After the service, you and your family are invited to a reception. The same bios, as well as your photo, will be printed in the monthly newsletter all in the interest of making connections among the congregation.


Membership will help you grow by providing…

  • The support of fellow travelers on your search for truth and meaning
  • Opportunities to broaden your knowledge and experience
  • Opportunities for service
  • Ways to use your skills and learn new ones
  • A warm and loving community

Membership benefits

  • All our members…
  • Have a voice in the future direction of the church;
  • Can participate in and vote at congregational meetings;
  • Can hold elected office, chair a committee, and facilitate a small group ministry;
  • Receive the full support of the church in times of need with significant pastoral care;
  • Can participate in a child dedication ceremony for their children;
  • May have memorial and wedding services performed free of charge;
  • Receive a free subscription to UU World magazine;
  • Receive a 50% discount on church space rentals.

Social Responsibility

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