Growth Through Service

What is Growth Through Service?

GTS is about tapping into what connects you to Albany UU. We want to learn about you so that we can help you connect and collaborate in ways that mean the most to you. And we want to celebrate all that you bring to Albany UU.


What is the goal of Growth Through Service?

It’s a fundamentally new way to approach volunteering here at Albany UU, being adopted by congregations across the country, from Port Townsend, Washington to Cleveland, Ohio to East Greenwich, Rhode Island.

Service opportunities are no longer viewed from the point of view “what can you do for the congregation?” but instead “how might volunteering at Albany UU assist you in your life journey?” and “what volunteer opportunity would you get the most out of?” Volunteers are what keep the congregation running. GTS recognizes that if members are matched with service opportunities which give them a chance to learn, to grow, and to connect with other members of the community in meaningful, and often profound, ways, volunteering becomes a win-win proposition for the congregation and the members alike.


What is a Growth Through Service Conversation?

Connecting, collaborating, and celebrating through GTS starts with a conversation. Our Conversation Team is committed to holding a 1-hour conversation with every member of our congregation, to be scheduled at your convenience.

The conversation is not to discuss specific service opportunities. It’s not for recruiting. The purpose of this conversation is to get to know you, to find out where you are on your life journey, and to discover how Albany UU might assist you in your journey, and how it has already fit into your journey.

A prime goal of the conversations is to assure that all members are taking advantage of opportunities to connect with other members, whether that be working side by side on a social justice issue, attending a Friday night potluck, book group, philosophy group, or one of the several opportunities for spiritual deepening such as Meaning Matters or Wellspring.


Where do I Sign up for a Conversation?

Sign up by sending an email to and you will receive a call from one of our conversation leaders.


Take a look at all the ways that you can grow through service:

Growth Through Service Volunteer Job Descriptions


Do you have questions?

If you want to know more, talk with one of the leaders of our Growth Through Service program by sending an email to


There is a new way to enter your Growth Through Service information!  We are now using an online database called Airtable. You can enter information directly into this form using the link below:

Thanks so much!