Interim Religious Education Consultant

Job Description

Reports to: Minister

Works with: Acting DRE(20hr/week), RE Program Assistant(10hr/week), Youth Group Leader (all paid staff)

Other RE Community members: Religious Education Council, program volunteers, families

Hours: 5-10 hours per week

Duration: One year beginning July 1, 2021

Responsibilities (preliminary proposal):

  1. Support Acting DRE in planning and executing RE programming for 2021-22 RE year as the program (hopefully) transitions out of all-online RE to in-person.
  2. Help the congregation adjust to the departure of the previous DRE due to the many changes of the previous (2020-21) RE year.
  3. Identify current needs of the congregation and its families that can be served by the RE program, and integrate into overall assessment of program’s strengths, needs and challenges.
  4. Motivate the congregation and RE Program to deepen commitment to anti-racism work that promotes inclusion and welcomes everyone to our congregation.
  5. Review Safe Congregation policies and procedures.
  6. Guide the congregation to recognize itself as a learning community.
  7. Advocate with the congregation to redefine its vision for the RE Program, and support staff in how to achieve that vision.
  8. Help the congregation focus its energies to support the post-interim transition.

Black, Indigenous, and People of Color are encouraged to apply – equal/equity opportunity employer

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