Meaning Matters

Join Rev. Sam for spiritual growth and development

Join a Meaning Matters Group

Meaning Matters is a small group discussion, growth and development program at Albany UU led by Rev. Sam.
Before the beginning of the month, Rev. Sam sends out a short packet of materials containing essays, deepening exercises, quotes, poems, music, video clips, podcasts, articles, books, movies, all related to the “theme for the month.” Towards the end of the month, the Meaning Matters groups gather to reflect on the theme using the materials, sermons from that month, and activities found in the packet that can stimulate growth and development. Participants are free to use as much or as little of these materials as they wish. The focus is personal sharing, reflection and conversation exploring the theme together that support individual and congregational growth and development.
The program meets once a month from September through June for two hours. There are currently three groups (could be more) that meet the third Monday at 1:30pm, the third Tuesday at 5pm and the fourth Monday at 7pm.
The themes for the next 10 months are:
September:  Belonging
October:  Courage
November: Change
December:  Wonder
January:  Finding Our Center
February: Love
March: Vulnerability
April: Resistance
May:  Creativity
June:  Delight
If this program interests you, please contact Rev. Sam at with “Meaning Matters” in the subject line to look at the September Packet and/or sign up.