Recent Sermons

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1/22 Rev. Sam Trumbore Article II Part 2: Shared Values and Commitments PDF
1/8 Rev. Sam Trumbore Article II Part 1: Not Enough Verbs PDF
11/6 Rev. Sam Trumbore God is Change PDF
10/9 Rev. Sam Trumbore Courageous Accountability PDF
10/2 Rev. Sam Trumbore Courageous Accountability PDF
10/2 Rev. Sam Trumbore Beyond Tribalism PDF
9/18 Rev. Sam Trumbore Belonging in Community PDF
4/10 Rev. Sam Trumbore Living with Hopelessness PDF
4/3 Rev. Sam Trumbore Insights from the Cushion PDF
1/16 Rev. Sam Trumbore Sum of Us PDF
1/9 Rev. Sam Trumbore Zero Sum Dilemma PDF
12/12 Rev. Sam Trumbore

Presence of Joy in the Holy


12/5 Rev. Sam Trumbore

The Peaceful Joy of Frozen Ground


11/28 Rev. Sam Trumbore

Transcendentalist Roots of Justice


11/14 Rev. Sam Trumbore

The Minority Opinion


11/7 Rev. Sam Trumbore

Truth Matters


10/24 Rev. Sam Trumbore



10/10 Rev. Sam Trumbore

Climate Change, Pipelines, and Indigenous People

10/3 Rev. Sam Trumbore

Communal Asperations

09/26 Philomena Moriarty

The Art of Listening

08/08 Diane Cameron

Addiction and Spirituality: What’s Jung Got to Do With It?”

07/18 Rev. Richard Gilbert Engaged Spirituality: Confessions of a Militant Mystic PDF

Rev. Kimberley Debus

It’s a Process PDF
05/23 Rev. Sam Trumbore  No Last Chapter in Our UU Story PDF   
05/02 Rev. Sam Trumbore  Danger of a Single Story  PDF   
04/18 Chris Bystroff  Earth Day Service  PDF   
03/28 Rev. Sam Trumbore  Commitment to Action  PDF   
03/21 Rev. Sam Trumbore  Commitment to Peace  Video   
03/14 Rev. Sam Trumbore  Commitment to Justice  PDF   
03/07 Rev. Sam Trumbore  Commitment to Love  PDF   
02/07 Rev. Sam Trumbore  The Evolution of Community  PDF   
01/31  Rev. Dave Weissbard  Is You Got Good Religion?  PDF  
01/24  Rev. Sam Trumbore  Queer Theology  PDF  
01/17  Rev. Sam Trumbore & Jaye Holly  Racial Healing  PDF  
01/03  Rev. Sam Trumbore  Imagine What Could End, Resume, and Begin!  PDF  
12/13  Rev. Sam Trumbore  Nature’s Stillness  PDF  
12/06  Rev. Sam Trumbore  Remembering To Be Still And Know  PDF  
11/08  Rev. Sam Trumbore  Healing Our Nation  PDF  
10/28  Rev. Sam Trumbore  What Democracy Looks Like  PDF  
10/18  Rev. Sam Trumbore  Democracy Under Threat  PDF  
10/04  Rev. Sam Trumbore  Listen Within for Beyond  PDF  
09/27  Rev. Sam Trumbore  Return to Love … Again  PDF  
08/09  Rev. Sam Trumbore  Socially Engaged Buddhism and Racial Justice  PDF  
03/08  Rev. Sam Trumbore  Valuing Truth More Than Power  PDF  
01/29  Rev. David Weissbard  Driven by Fear  PDF 
01/12  Rev. Sam Trumbore  Beloved Community  PDF 
01/05 Rev. Sam Trumbore  Reflecting Backward, Planning Forward  PDF 
10.20 Leah Purcell   Who’s Are You?  PDF 
09.15 Rev. Sam Trumbore   Stop Human Extinction  PDF 
08.04 Leah Purcell   What I Learned on My Sabbatical  PDF 
06.23 Rev. Dick Gilbert   What Are the Limits to Religious Freedom?  PDF 
03.10 Rev. Sam Trumbore   What Will You Pack?  PDF 
03.03 Rev. Sam Trumbore   Road to Jerusalem  PDF  
02.24 Rev. Sam Trumbore & Patti Jo Newell   Earning Trust  PDF 
02.03  Rev. Sam Trumbore  Intersectionality Trust Community  PDF 

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