Social Justice

  For many of us, the urge to make a positive difference in the world
begins with experiences of suffering and injustice.     

Changing The World

Meet the new Social Justice Team (SJT)
The Social Responsibilities Council (SRC) has decided to change its name to the Social Justice Team (SJT). 
The word Justice appears in our Albany UU vision statement and in our mission statement, as well as in two of our Seven Unitarian Universalist Principles (#s 2 and 6). Team suggests coordinated action, an important component of social justice. 


The Social Justice Team (formerly Social Responsibilities Council) was created to “guide and coordinate education and action in the realm of social issues of moral and ethical significance.”  In addition, the STJ may issue statements of public support and endorsement so long as they are consistent with the positions of Albany UU and/or the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (UUA). However, the SJT does not speak for the congregation, but for itself.

STJ initiates and encourages activities that promote social justice; the congregation provides an annual budget to support these endeavors, as well as to provide support for justice-related undertakings in the wider community.  STJ can request, yearly, up to five give-away-the-plates for worthy causes; these are usually local nonprofit organizations or groups that have clearly demonstrated social justice work in the community.  STJ is also authorized to sponsor reduced or even free rental space for groups that might not be able to hold their event otherwise—these are carefully researched by STJ to make sure they fit our guidelines.

We are a small group currently (6 active members) and are looking for more justice-inspired people to join us. We view the Inclusivity Team (IT) as a close partner: For example, the Black Lives Matter vigil on Saturday morning in Troy is a joint project of IT and SJT and we look forward to other partnership possibilities. Our monthly meetings take place by Zoom on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:45 PM, usually to 8 or 8:15 PM. We welcome everyone, whether you want to just drop by to see what we’re about, or are ready to become a member. For more information, contact: Jean Poppei, Chair:


We are a Sanctuary Congregation

Albany Unitarian Universalist celebrates Unitarian Universalism–a liberal, non-creedal faith tradition that is based on a free and responsible search for truth and meaning and the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Unitarian Universalists draw meaning from many faith traditions, embrace scientific reasoning, and express their beliefs through acts of social justice and compassion. For the second time in its history, Albany Unitarian Universalist has declared itself a Sanctuary congregation, repeating the action taken in 1984 in response to refugees fleeing violence in Central America. Albany Unitarian Universalist welcomes everyone.

Read our Sanctuary Resolution here.
Read the Covenant here.

Upcoming Social Action Opportunities

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