Participate in the UUA Article 2 Study Commission – UU Principles and Sources
The UUA Board has established the Article 2 Study Commission to consider revisions to Article 2 of the UUA Bylaws, which sets forth the Seven Principles and Six Sources that are the foundation of the work and life of the UUA and its member congregations. Article 2 has not been revised since 1987, although some amendments have been proposed since then. The Commission will be considering changes to the UU Principles, including the possible addition of an 8th Principle calling for active anti-racism work, and they need your input!  An Article 2 Individual Survey has been created and all UUs are encouraged to complete it. It can be found HERE and will remain open until April 30th. Learn more about the Article 2 Study Commission at Article II Study Commission |
The Survey requires serious thought about our fundamental principles and values and it may be useful to discuss the questions raised in the Survey with other members of our community. So there will be a meeting of interested respondents after the Sunday Service on April 3rd. Watch for details!